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Who We Are

Growth, Flexibility and Relationships

  • RBW is one of the fastest growing companies in the EMEA region. We have been in operation for close to a decade within the staffing, information technology, financial technology and media industry, having recruited a workforce in the thousands.

  • Our success and growth is testimonial to our leading international and regional customer base across various industries such as Banking & Finance, Payments, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Retail, Information Technology and more.

  • We are blessed with a highly experienced, well-connected and a focused team, that have a proven track record in delivering each time with measurable results.

  • RBW Fintech Services were awarded the exclusive mandate to conduct merchant acquisition for bwallet - Bahrain's most prominent digital wallet. Further to this, we have serviced further mandates such as customer acquisition, marketing, device roll out, promotions, and much more.

  • RBW is a trusted partner that has worked closely with banks and telecommunication companies in the region to implement various product and services successfully.

  • We have grown to become a leader in fintech services within the digital wallet and financial technology space.

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