A team of 100+ professionals

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RBW is a next generation Cyber Security Consulting and Managed Services provider. With our extensive business knowledge and hands-on industry experience, we offer a broad array of solutions to help companies secure assets and manage risk.

Headquartered in Bahrain, RBW has a team of 100+ professionals who serve as trusted business advisers to our customers in GCC, INDIA & AMERICAS. We work with several large financial institutions in Bahrain, Oman & UAE as our long-term clients.

RBW provides a range of services, including, compliance consulting and managed detection and response services. Our clients can count on from the services they receive from RBW: high professional standards and the ability to deliver on our services effectively.

Behind everything we do - through every service, in every industry - we use our finely-honed knowledge management capabilities to assure faster, higher quality service delivery. We are continually developing new ways to capture and deliver insights and ideas, so they may be used by all the professionals in our organization, for the benefit of our clients.

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For many years, the security industry believed that the best way to protect an organization was to build a strong wall around it. The model assumed that the virtual boundaries of an organization were very similar to the physical boundaries which was true in the early days of the Internet when the number of ‘connections’ between an organization and the outside world was limited and easy to identify.

Today's reality looks completely different. Modern business requires that companies expand their traditional perimeter to allow partners, auditors, vendors, remote employees to access systems and information. This extended enterprise offers plenty of opportunities but at the same time, it comes with a number of new security challenges.

Targeted attacks can bypass network security controls. Data needs protection as it travels within the business, through the network, and around the world. There are multiple access points that need to be monitore. Which means that the conventional perimeter model of building a security wall around the organization, no longer works.

A new approach is required. Organizations must revisit the way they handle information security by thinking wider, deeper, and smarter. Wider, by ensuring that security controls span the complete extended enterprise, including remote offices, mobile workers, business partners, suppliers, and vendors. Deeper, ensuring that security controls span the entire IT stack including the network, the data, the applications, and the users. Smarter, ensuring that security decisions are based on the level of risk reduction they bring to the business.

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